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WHY VISION BOARDS ROCK: Manifest the career and the life YOU deserve in the next year…and decade!

A VISION BOARD IS a collection of images, quotes, and symbols that have meaning to you and bring out feelings of joy, peace, love, and happiness. They represent your dream career and life.

The Power of a Vision Board

Whether or not you’re a fan of the bestseller, The Secret, one thing is undeniably true: That which we focus on we attract more of.

If you spend all your time worrying about money, it seems to slip right through your fingers. If you obsess over your weight, the pounds stubbornly hold on. And if you daydream about relaxing in the Caribbean sun, well, you’re a lot more likely to find yourself on a beach chair in the near future.

This isn’t some airy-fairy make-believe, either. We’ve known for decades that daydreams have power, and that purposeful visualization is the key to greater success in every area of life. So let’s ROCK your business & your life starting RIGHT NOW.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how you create your vision board, it only matters that you do create one. (Or more.) I recommend a minimum of one every year – and ideally, one each new quarter as we embark upon a new 90-day success plan.

Having this tool in your arsenal makes it much more likely you’ll achieve your dreams, as well as virtually ensuring your dreams will be larger than they were before you began your vision board adventure.

Before you begin though, here are the most important things to remember about your vision board.

1.     It’s yours. There is no right or wrong way to create your dreams.

2.     Dream big! Your vision board should not be filled with things that you could easily attain next week. A new cell phone has no place on your vision board.

3.     Spend time with it. A vision board is a living document, and it will work better when it has your attention for at least a few minutes every single day.

Whether you create a stunning collage of individually framed images you carefully collected over the course of a year, or you build it on your iPad from stock photos, give vision boards a try. You might just be pleasantly surprised at the power they can wield in your life and your business.

If you’re looking to join a tribe and work on your vision board with more fun and accountability, here are two great options:

  1. Let’s chat about an in-person or virtual vision board workshop for your group
  2. Give the gift of a vision board online course to someone you care about, and enroll yourself, too. You’ll enjoy sharing a magical time to:
  • Get clear on exactly HOW to work toward your dreams over the next 90 days
  • Focus on your blessings and gratitude
  • Prioritize and manifest your goals
  • Create a vision board as a daily reminder of what matters most
  • BONUS: Network and brainstorm with the go-givers in our exclusive Rock On Success Facebook group to help achieve success FASTER

Rock on, my friend. Share a photo or thoughts on what belongs on YOUR vision board.

It’s gonna be a GREAT new year!


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