50 Rocks
[50 ROCKS: Supportive] The Gift That Keeps Giving: Tell Clients and Your Team Why They ROCK!

Here is where this gets fun…one of my women’s leadership workshop participants (at the Professional Women in Construction recent dinner meeting) said she “borrowed” my idea and just made a box of rocks as a going away gift for a coworker. She had each write on a rock (and in the journal) what they admired about their friend.

Now they want a Rock on Success workshop as a client appreciation event in January instead of their traditional holiday party. Planners and rocks and motivation for everyone!

If you are tired of giving (and receiving) the same old fruits, candies, wine and other boring but necessary tokens of your affection, then STOP.

Why not think about fun and unique EXPERIENCES that create interaction, shared learning and warm MEMORIES?

Please share your most fun NON-traditional holiday gift-giving or experiences below. Or give me a call and I’d love to brainstorm ideas with you, too.

Rock your holidays,


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