Here goes life lesson #1 : I turned the big 5-0 and the world hasn’t ended.

There, I said it. I admit it. My kids will tell you that I’ve been “24” forever, hanging on to silly notions of how I was supposed to look, feel and succeed in “X, Y and Z” by now. Jeez—nobody told me my last company would lose its funding on a sunny July Friday. Rather than enjoying the weekend, I was crushed to learn that I’d be reinventing myself once again. It’s exhausting, but I remain open to what God has planned. I’d heard that 50 ROCKS, so bring it on!

When life served me lemons, I opted to make vodka and lemonade. I uncovered a new mission as I rebuilt my career path: sharing life lessons at 50 for career and personal growth.

Reaching this mid-life milestone afforded me the luxury of actually BREATHING for a minute—and rediscovering what’s important. I’ve been volunteering for charities I really care about and golfing whenever possible. (It’s a health benefit: burning calories and clearing my brain.) I had been regrouping with VERY special friends and family for what seems like a month-long birthday party. My husband and kids conspired to give me my top bucket list wish: a summer Mediterranean cruise to Spain, France and Italy. That in itself sparked plenty to blog about—not to mention meeting up with some new LinkedIn social media friends while in Italy!

Perhaps most importantly, however, I was blown away by the kindness and thoughtfulness of others. Folks reached out and networked with me like crazy. Dozens of posts on my social media pages, obnoxious cards and other surprises made me smile. My BFF Rose must have spent DAYS crafting a special box full of rocks. Yes, 50 gold-painted rocks! On each rock is a simple word or two describing special qualities about me and why I should appreciate just how much 50 ROCKS.

Crazy? Perhaps. Touching? Absolutely. This thoughtful gesture reminded me how blessed I truly am. And it motivated me to commit to a weekly blog to share important life and business lessons. My goal is to share wisdom (and some funny bloopers) from influencers, industry icons and everyday folks to hopefully inspire your personal and professional growth.

I hope you’ll join me on the journey. God bless you, my friend. Let’s rock this together!


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