Turnkey Leadership Solutions To Rock Your:



build enterprise-wide ecosystems that drive growth and allow diverse Employee Resource Groups to shine with maximum impact.

Corporate Teams

innovate a strengths-based approach to drive employee attraction, engagement, satisfaction, and retention for a true sense of belonging.

High-Potential Professionals

clarify priorities, step into their power and contribute their best with the fulfillment, recognition, and rewards
they crave & deserve.




“I have worked with Pat for awhile now and she exemplifies customer intimacy. There is no doubt Pat is an expert at helping people find their purpose and achieve their dreams. But I think her superpower is customer understanding and service.  Pat will spend time to understand her clients and tap into their desire and career aspirations. Her theory evolves around “rock your strengths!!!” and “get outside your comfort zone.” She shows you how to advocate for yourself (and gain support from others) to achieve what you deserve.”

Jim Motler, AIG

“I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Pat for several years in a variety of different projects and contexts. She invests time in gaining insights and building relationships with clients in such a way that allows her to hone in on both the development needs that they are aware of – and sometimes those which they aren’t. Whether you are looking for a personal career coach, someone to work with a small group, or a leader to help guide your organisation and employees through a big change – Pat will ROCK your transformation!”

Anna Ettin, Amazon 

“Pat is a motivational force to be reckoned with. She’s breath of fresh air and provides cutting edge industry facts and insights packed into powerful inspirational workshops and presentations. We hired Pat twice for some of our projects and she consistently delivers engaging and thoughtfully. Her insights as a coach who taught employees for two decades how to find a better and higher paying job gives your organization an edge in understanding how it must change to do a better job with retaining top talent.”

Beate Chelette, the Growth Architect


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