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People understand what a motivational speaker does and what an author does. But today someone asked what I do as a success coach – in particular, what goes on inside of my private mastermind group.

The Rock On Success Mastermind group turned two years old in August and it started as a coaching program to complement my book and deliver the 90-day success system. Folks grew to really value the relationships within our sacred space. It’s a place where you’ll find other high performing go-givers who care deeply about your success WITHOUT the emotional attachment and associated baggage.

The small group is a mix of corporate and nonprofit leaders, strategic sales execs, entrepreneurs … all looking to have a sounding board for growing business in a way that honors their values, core strengths, families and “me time”.

Twice each month, we meet up via Zoom where each person gets their turn in the “hot seat” to focus on their wins, challenges and focus topic they need help with during that session. It’s meant to serve as a higher level, personal Board of Directors for each person involved.

Listening to them on our Zoom meet-up today, they started describing it as their “sacred space where business strategy, strategic sales, spirituality, accountability, group therapy and a personal advisory council intersect”.

We then host quarterly in-person events and now retreats. We hosted a small group intensive in Myrtle Beach in November 2017. Here’s where Donna DiMartino got super clear on her why, her gifts to the world… and we literally watched her experience a QUANTUM LEAP in how she tells her story. Check her video out here…so proud of you Donna!

Remember – you ROCK!

P.S. If you have personal questions and would like to chat 1:1, please schedule a time with me here.

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