[50 ROCKS: CARING] What is a Mastermind…and why should you care?

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to take inventory: who are the influential women that really shine their light, show they care and put others first? How can we honor their legacy?

I admit I’m spoiled: My 87-year-old mom is here to celebrate another mother’s day. My mom is a retired nurse, a techno-grandma who shares joy and monitors my kids’ social media accounts, the retired nurse, Eucharistic minister and bereavement counselor at our church. As I told her today, she sets the bar high and gave me some huge shoes to fill. I hope I can be half as unselfish, caring and dependable as she’s been throughout my life.

But the celebration made me think about the MANY kinds of “moms” who bless my life. My kids’ godparents, the leaders of my favorite golf league, friends who proudly served as my children’s “other mother” whether they needed an emotional cheerleader, a ride home when I was unavailable, or a kick in the ___.

Indeed, it takes a village to nurture our families – the one we were born into and those we’ve chosen to bless our lives.

I still value the wisdom of my early mentors: strong ladies (and men) who took a vested interest in showing me how to be successful and juggle a family at the same time. I’m blessed today with the love and support of a team who support my career, my personal and and spiritual journey: I’ve become a more successful, generous and abundant leader by learning how to accept support and embrace the ebb and flow of my efforts with grace and ease.

Birth doesn’t make you a MOM: Caring about others with a vested interest in their success does. #ThanksMom #BoomerTips #LoveYouMom #Mom

It’s much more than a gender label: MOMS are those special people in our lives who:

1) LEAD by example (do the RIGHT thing regardless of who’s watching)

2) CARE about others (make decisions that benefit the group over time, not just a yes to appease you now with dire consequences later)

3) NURTURE (lend a hand, a shoulder or serve as a sounding board)

4) NOURISH (use the best fuel your body needs to act and think at peak performance)

5) MENTOR (gives great advice and then set tracks for you to run on)

WHO are the special “MOM” figures that positively influence your personal and business decisions? What life lessons have they passed along that you still implement with pride today? PLEASE TAG them and tell them why they ROCK below…

Tell me about YOUR favorite MOM story, and how you’ve been inspired to pass along a legacy.


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