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Motivational Speaker
Motivational Speaker

98.4% audience satisfaction rating

Pat Knows the Key to Making Your Keynote Speech Truly Life-Changing

You can’t rock an audience you don’t understand

Pre-event collaboration is the key to Pat’s ongoing success as an in-demand, global keynote speaker and leadership guru. In order to truly rock your program, Pat will meet with your company’s event organizers to understand:

  • The culture of your organization
  • The challenges or opportunities your team faces
  • How you define a successful event

This rockstar speaker won’t rock your audience to sleep with boring slideshows.  Pat tailors her signature keynote address, “50 Rocks: Life Lessons for Success,” and modules from her proprietary Rock On Success System to meet your specific goals.  Here are just some of the invaluable skills your team can learn:

  • How to tap into their true gifts
  • Street-smart tips and tools for personal and professional growth
  • Relationship-building skills
  • How to shatter the glass ceiling
  • Tips for bridging the multi-generational communication gap
  • …and more!

Whether your meeting includes hundreds of attendees or is a smaller, more intimate workshop, Pat’s high-energy, interactive manner will keep your team engaged and motivated.  Attendees will leave with an autographed copy of Pat’s Rock On Success 90-Day Fast Action Planner and a keepsake rock to remind themselves daily of why they rock.

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Novartis  MM  Finance

“I just finished a sesion with Pat and im super excited! She was energetic, and there wea amazing energy in the room and I feel very inspired. What I like most about her is that she is very down to earth, very relatable. She was fun. She easily brought everybody into the conversations and the activities. Not only was it inspiring but it was very eye-opening, especially for myself. I found out things about myself that I really didn’t know and even the things that I did know were validated for me. It was amazing. It was a great experience and I thank her a lot.”

– Lia Calabrese

“The room filled beyond maximum capacity.”

– Konica Minolta Step Forward

“I learned to step away from the technical details, which is hard for an accountant.”

– Judy Tutela, CPA, Spire Group

“Normally I freeze up at networking events…”

– Marisol Rodriquez, Executive Director of Renew Life Center in Paterson

“The training was comprehensive and I’m glad I came.”

– Pastor Theresa Nance

“You changed my life forever and I’m forever grateful.”

– Lisa Sanfilippo, Turner Construction

– Josh Klein, ICAN Storage

– John Corcoran, D’Alessandro Inc.

– Frank Gerris, Hawthorne Caballeros

“Wonderful, inspiring.”

– Shakira Johnson

“Pat gave me insights and confidence and I truly appreciate how my life has been transformed today.”

– Matilda Adams, Virtua Memorial Hospital

“The wisdom, insight and experience you shared was nothing short of inspirational.”

– Freeholder Linda Carter

“It isn’t often you come across a talented professional like Pat Roque. She is inspirational, authentic, and very fun to be around. Pat brings a lifetime of experience to her audience through relevant stories and lessons learned. She can wake up the crowd, motivate leaders, and facilitate real growth in people. She really does rock a room!”

Mariel Miller
Franchise Opportunity Expert and Consultant

“It’s rare to come across a knockout talent like Pat. I attended one of her Rock On Success Leadership Programs, which was so outstanding that we invited her to speak to my company’s Network of Women Diversity Group. Pat’s ability to command a room and get people to open up about their goals and dreams—and help them to create a roadmap to achieve those goals and dreams—never ceases to amaze me. Pat leaves a positive impression on every room that she enters.”

Ann Meyers Piccirillo
Director at Gartner
HR Global Sales and Operations

“Pat Roque rocked our event! Her dynamic, energetic keynote speech kept both our students and mentors engaged. She encouraged participation and had an entire room of 150 people excited to network with each other. She made the audience think about their strengths while sharing her own personal struggles with the group. Her honesty and storytelling gave others the courage to speak up and share their goals. I would highly recommend Pat as a speaker for a networking or motivational event.”

Debbie Feingold
Program Specialist
Pesce Family Mentoring Institute at William Paterson University

“I had the pleasure of meeting Pat at an event in Princeton. She led a session on “Networking with Impact” and showed the audience how to best share their gifts and tell their story through a killer introduction. She was engaging and held the interest of all in attendance from start to finish. I left feeling very energized with action steps to become a more effective networker. I highly recommend Pat to anyone looking to find joy and greater success in the next chapter of their career.”

Yasser Hazzaa
MBA, VP Finance and Procurement
MannKind Corporation

“Pat was our speaker at Konica Minolta’s Step Forward event, which is a group that helps women achieve professional excellence. Pat’s speech was right on point and really inspired all that attended. Her topic was “50 Rocks: Life Lessons for Success.” She was such a hit, people are still talking about the program!”

Dorothy Kalksma
Engagement and Marketing Program Manager
Step Forward at Konica Minolta

“Saying Pat spoke at our Leadership Event is an understatement. Pat rocked our event! The event was designed to provide background information on intergenerational leadership skills and traits, as well as a plan forward. She made it fun, interactive, and inspiring, and got everyone in the room involved. When they had their time to shine, their posture, attitude, and confidence immediately improved! People walked out of the event smiling and energized, and Pat was the reason for that!”

Justin Coecliff
MBA, VP, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Pat rocked events for these companies and more!

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