April 2020

Rock Your Strengths To Thrive In Your Genius …

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could stop dwelling on what is NOT working so well and start focusing more on how to dial up our strengths?

After all, Gallup research tells us that when folks show an inherent talent (meaning, their natural capacity to excel in any one facet of their work) they are happier, more fulfilled and more successful.

In a team setting, our natural capacity for excellence in a role results in greater efficiency and productivity. Using selection science, Gallup research helps us map success potential greater than just our personality: it reflects factors such as our attitudes, motives, cognition and values.

Here’s the secret: we are NOT supposed to be great at everything but our collective team should be!

It’s no wonder we incorporate the genius of Gallup’s StrengthFinder assessments into the proven Rock On Success coaching system.

Your top 5 strengths, in rank order, are as unique as your thumbprint, so celebrate your unique value! 

History shows that successful people often overlook their best attributes, the things that come naturally like breathing. We understate our value for the things we do in our zone of genius because they come easily…and that’s the point!

Why do others repeatedly thank you?
How do you make their lives or jobs easier?

Getting clear on your strengths, or understanding why you rock, will put more mojo back in your step. It’s a key indicator of roles where you’ll be more fulfilled, happy, and successful because you’re “staying in your lane.”

Here are 3 simple steps you can take to start recognizing your strengths!

1. Write down your biggest accomplishments. Start from your most recent and work your way through the past couple of years. Jot them down on a piece of paper with plenty of room for the next step!

2. Focus on the key skills you need in order to achieve those accomplishments. Focus on the key driving factors that allowed you to be able to create the accomplishments you mentioned earlier. These will give you the ability to start seeing patterns and duplicate skills!

3. Recognize the floor and ceiling tied to your top strengths.  Imagine having your own version of a crystal ball, understanding the typical characteristics of the most successful people in a given role and predict whether you (or a candidate if you’re the hiring manager) were a great fit? This process will answer this very question for you!

Once you can identify your top strengths, the secret sauce lies in knowing how to leverage your unique gifts to start attracting more of your ideal clients and collaborators.

What are your top strengths and how do you apply them in your work-life integration?
How have they evolved over the years (and how can you apply them in the next phase of your career)?


Dispelling The Job Search Lies: The TRUTH About Your Resume That May Surprise You …

Nope, sorry. I’m NOT the ideal coach for most people. I’m definitely NOT trying to please people-please and amass a blind yet obsessed following of overly hopeful (but perhaps naive) customers. Heck, I spend more time helping folks who went to one of the cheapo resume mills or online gurus who promise you career magic for $97 a month but give little value and no personal guidance. Same goes for the tons of folks who took their company buyouts and had what they called a “cattle call” with rather basic services. Certainly, they deserved better and lost 3-6-9-12 critical months wasting time with half-baked efforts. Imagine all those jobs that came and went in the meantime. Imagine how many tens of thousands of dollars (or hundreds of thousands for some) have slipped through their fingers.

You get what you pay for!

Heck, you got what you paid for (little to nothing) and that’s why you’re re-doing things all over again, months later, and feeling frustrated AF.

Some days I feel kinda like the boutique hairdresser who constantly sees all the ex-SuperCuts clients after they’ve had their heir wacked off (but it was only $15!!) and are embarrassed with their poor choices.

Penny wise, pound foolish. 😳


Stop wasting precious time and money following the WRONG advice.

Let’s cut that out. Right now.

Commit to finally thinking clearly and doing something for yourself that you deserve. The RIGHT way. NOW.

Go find someone who GETS YOU and is committed to actually helping you figure out what matters most…to YOU…and then knock it out of the park.

Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

I’ve got NO poker face. Never have, never will. Nope, I won’t say all the sugary-sweet BS to make you believe that pixie dust 🧚🏻‍♀‍ will magically turn your wishes into fairy-tale castles. 🤷

Rather, I am the energizer bunny in the coaching space, who often feels more like the Wizard of Oz. 👠👠

I help smart, savvy and successful professionals who are ready for MORE. They know that the magic is inside of them (like it’s inside of YOU) all along. Yet, clients constantly thank me for giving them a few key things when they put my proprietary system (Mindset, Skillset and Toolset) as the cornerstone of their professional development.


… And a fabulous COMMUNITY to keep them motivated and celebrating their collective learning.


I’ve been in their shoes and documented my turnaround process so that others can fast-track their learning. From stages, my books and through coaching I share the secret sauce that has helped thousands of professionals fast-track their career growth. Turn their lives around. Right size their jobs to give them what they and their families need now, and in the next chapter of their crazy, busy lives. Find them a more flexible work environment and teach them to negotiate for what they truly want and deserve. Add buckets of money to their comp packages. Double and even triple their income. Negotiate working remotely, land top company and industry “leader of the year” awards. Land board seats. Get noticed. Get turned on to their own value, finally. Get seen. Get heard.


You are a successful professional who is ready to elevate your career status and need help navigating your midlife career pivot.

You’re ready to step into the spotlight and celebrate you innate talents and why you rock.

You’re not the underdogs or sitting idly by, feeling sorry for missed opportunities. Rather, you are a take-charge leader who makes SH*FT happen and loves empowering others to step into their best selves, too.


Here’s what I want you to know… My clients are smart, seasoned, accomplished, well-educated, industry leaders. Just like you.

  • They are typically married with adult kids, play golf, support charities, travel, eat out 2-3 nights/week.
  • They are the “sandwich generation” – Mid 40’s – 60’s who are actively working and struggling as you juggle the demands of a busy life, exhausting job, and quarterbacking care for multiple generations of their family (aging parents, adult kids returning back to the nest, perhaps even contributing to grandchildren’s care and taxi for their busy academic, sports and social schedules).

You may have been offered a buyout and accepted an early retirement package, so you now face an unplanned career pivot. Many of my clients had planned on another 5-10 years of productivity and paychecks before they’d officially retire.

Now you need help deciding if you should retire or rewire – and what to do about it! (And maybe you are in the same boat!)

As you face a career pivot, you need help deciding if it’s time to stick around and move up (promotion, recognition, or board seat in current organization), move over (land a similar role in a better company) or move on to something different altogether.

My clients seek recognition, satisfaction, fulfillment, alignment with their changing family dynamics. It’s important to do career soul searching and right-size their career to avoid feeling overwhelmed. They deserve to get paid well working in their zone of genius and taking charge of their career path (vs reactive waiting for the other shoe to drop).


I help them rock their career and life without selling their soul or losing their mind.

I drive RESULTS as evidenced by over 70 thrilled client testimonials on my LinkedIn profile. I’ve been in their shoes, shining as a rock star in my industry and then suddenly unemployed to no fault of my own (and hitting rock bottom). I’m the prime example of resilience and generously share advice from my rear-view mirror on how to navigate their career pivot and fast-track their success.

With 32 years of experience as marketing pro elevating brands I now help professionals leverage their personal brand to elevate their career status and right-size their next role to meet their goals using my proprietary Rock On Success System (and 90-day planner).

Perhaps more importantly, my VIP clients enjoy personal introductions and a smart networking strategy tapping into my 14K+ LinkedIn connections and deep industry supporters in pharma, finance, law, construction and other professions where women need support to shatter the glass ceiling and thrive in more traditionally male-dominated careers.

Stop relying on old tactics, “spraying and praying” and sending unsolicited resumes that get lost in the “black hole” of the computer ATS, or Applicant Tracking System. You need to position yourself as THE answer to the hiring manager’s prayers, standing out in a competitive marketplace and making them think it’s their idea to hire you. You’re creating a “Cinderella moment” as the perfect fit for their team and culture.

If you are ready to dive in and do the work, the Mastermind is for you!

We have an amazing Mastermind for the upscale client who wants more 1:1 coaching and a Personal Advisory Board to share collective wisdom and advocate on your behalf.

If you’d like to explore how to elevate your career status and shine the light on your industry leadership, please share a bit more about your situation and apply for a virtual coffee: www.rockonsuccess.com/apply.