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50 ROCKS: Life is too short NOT to LAUGH OUT LOUD

My father was a funny, funny man who had more than 600 people at his funeral. Yes, Rocky was indeed bigger than life (literally, at nearly 400 pounds). While he was dying a slow, 6-year death, he made sure to remind us of the importance of laughter. And not to take yourself too seriously. If that included break-dancing in his underwear on the kitchen floor, so be it.

He passed 15+ years ago, yet all my cousins talk about was how funny my father was. He is STILL a legend, and rightly so. I miss his antics and his advice but I try to carry on with his sarcastic humor. Life has not been easy lately and the laughter has become even more necessary.

Apparently, as my dad used to say, “the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree. And apple trees don’t grow pears.” I’m one of those people who prefers hugs over handshakes, and I tell my family and friends that I love them often. Hopefully, they’d agree that I SHOW them often, too.

Once you penetrate my inner circle of friends, you’re stuck with me for life. You’ve been warned!

My friends stem back to kindergarten and high school and college. My mentors include supervisors from my internships back in the 80s. Every one of those people will likely tell you that I work hard, play hard and laugh a LOT through it all. My friends know that they are stuck with me forever. Yes, literally. And I’m the one they call when they need a good laugh or a snarky chuckle to get through a bad day.

In the workplace, I’ve found it’s important to add a little humor and silliness to make the most of a team’s morale. There’s nothing better than nailing deadlines (kicking some strategic and creative booty) while you’re actually having FUN.

Sure, humor has its place and timing to stay positive vs disruptive. But we spend more hours working than with our families – so why the heck NOT enjoy the journey?

Humor is my armor, my defense mechanism. Sarcasm and laughter are how I cope with stress. Rather than run and hide, I tend to laugh in the face of fear (laughing at myself mostly, but I laugh out loud nonetheless.)

RIP Robin Williams and Joan Rivers Click to Tweet.

2015 was a brutal year of loss in the world of comedy: Robin Williams. Joan Rivers. But rather than dwell on what we’ve lost, I’m choosing to take their passing as a reminder to keep things in perspective.

7 life lessons I’ve learned from Robin Williams and Joan Rivers: (Click to tweet)

  • LAUGH OUT LOUD, it’s good for the spirit
  • Don’t take yourself too SERIOUSLY: you’ll have better days and worse days
  • NEVER SUFFER ALONE: share the misery and the smiles. Both are cleansing
  • Enjoy your moments in the SPOTLIGHT and soak up the cheers; they don’t last forever either
  • Laugh WITH others, not AT them
  • FAMILY is EVERYTHING: whether they are blood or the family you’ve chosen
  • APPRECIATE every day: Carpe Diem!

Thank you, Joan and Robin. RIP.


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