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Nothing inspires me more than a room full of 200+ confident women (and men) sharing their war stories and best practices for success. CitrinCooperman’s VIP event, Women at the Wheel #WATWheel NJ was no exception. I’m happy to relay tips from their honored guests: These go-givers shared from their hearts to instill confidence in the audience.

Moderator Mandeep Trivedi holds a rare position as minority female practice leader of @CitrinCooperman’s valuation services team. Trivedi embodies the company’s motto, “Focus on what counts.”

She spoke highly of using mentors and business coaches to provide valuable perspective. Even the most confident women, for some reason, often need reminders to define our self worth:

“Everyone else thinks so highly of you, why not own that yourself?”

Realogy’s EVP and Chief Human Resources Officer, Sunita Holzer, thanked her parents for believing in the value of education and for empowering her and her brother with self-motivation. They also reinforced confidence by “never thinking that I couldn’t achieve whatever I went after.” Holzer encouraged women to dispel the work/life balance myth. She suggested that we pick our battles, be present where we are (as best we can) and choose priorities wisely.

“It’s never really 50/50. You’ll always feel guilty. Figure out what level of guilt you’re willing to tolerate.”

Tricia Vohden, Co-owner and EVP of Vericon Construction reminded us never to act surprised when we’re the only woman in the room or the only lady at the leadership table. She’s leveraged her talent in as male-dominated construction industry. Tricia was humbled by accolades as a leader in professional organizations to further grow her tribe and influence. Her path represents the true meaning of confidence and pursuing her passion: Vohden literally quit her job many years ago to follow her first boss when he branched on out his own. She just KNEW there was something special in building a new team together (despite so many unanswered questions). Vohden said,

“Don’t worry so much about status or titles. Follow your heart, pursue your passion, do your best and the money will come.”

Confident women in the public sector shared their recipes for success

Allison Larena, President and CEO of the Mayo Performing Arts Center was a proponent of creating positive momentum to get unstuck in your career. She followed her heart and love of music to help salvage Mayo Center from the wrecking ball, developing what she now calls “the most wonderful job in the world.” It’s no wonder she was one of the NJBIZ New Jersey’s Best 50 Women in Business. Her advice was

  • Leverage volunteering to hone your skills
  • Do something that inspires you beyond your primary career role
  • When you job no longer serves you, seek advice from mentors and move on.

“Get unstuck. Follow your gut. Make change NOW: don’t wait.”

Finally, as the Commissioner of NJ Department of Children and Family Services, Allison Blake encouraged women to grow through strategic partnerships.

Shared inspiration through supportive programs such as Women at the Wheel will drive confidence and success far beyond this event. Thank you to the panel, @CitrinCooperman and sponsors @RikerDanzig, @WellsFargo, @NRBP and benefactor @CGEpeg. You rocked our day (and the days to come) with your inspirational advice!

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