The Magic in the 50 ROCKS Movement

Although Pat has always had a mission to inspire tremendous personal growth for others, as she approached her 50th birthday, she was stymied by a mid-life breakdown. But just at the right time, her best friend gave her the gift of a lifetime- a box of 50 gold rocks. Her friend wanted to be sure that Pat knew that was a number to be celebrated, so she made sure she got the point across by writing one special thing about Pat on each of those 50 magical rocks. If only her BFF had known at the time the true gift of that moment, worth so much more than gold.

Inspired by the meaning, Pat converted this gift into a motivational leadership coaching program and blog, 50 ROCKS. She now uses this personal story of mid-life rebirth as a keynote and brand story to empower others to find their own inner rockstars again and help them leverage their gifts to rock on and succeed. She’s taken her box of 50 ROCKS to transform careers and lives through the Rock On Success Coaching System and Mastermind Program.

Now, Pat uses this transformational message to help speakers and coaches lean into their gifts and be their best selves..