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[50 ROCKS: GOOD CHEESECAKE] Recipe for sweet, lasting relationships

In my circle, nothing says LOVE like my homemade cheesecake. What can be better than the perfect, velvety sweetness of cheesecake filling contrasted by the buttery graham cracker crust? I’ve even heard it called “the Sandra Bullock of Desserts”…hmmm.

It’s the glue that reunites me with hard-to-see clients. It ties my family and friends together at the end of most holiday meals. Folks fight for the leftovers, although rarely do we leave any! I literally make a dozen or more cheesecakes every year for friends, family, and clients. My Aunt Kay, an AMAZING baker, got me hooked on baking and shared the original recipe that has evolved over time. (Thank you, Aunt Kay!) CLICK HERE to get my recipe! Once you taste it, you’ll want to be included on my annual list for sure.

Cheesecake is the recipe for building sweet, lasting relationships.”

Whether it’s the holiday season or any other time of year, the purpose of giving gifts to clients, business partners or customers is always the same. In short, gifts serve as both a thank-you (showing recipients that you truly appreciate and value them) and a brand-building tool. But with changing regulations about gift-giving in pharma and other industries, I wanted a great alternative to the promotional items that people once received from businesses. So how do you cut through the tchotchke clutter and choose a memorable gift that shows folks that you care and reinforces your relationship?

That’s right, cheesecake!

Here’s 5 reasons why homemade CHEESECAKE makes the perfect client treat

  • PERSONAL – Folks appreciate the time and effort put into it
  • GROUP or INDIVIDUAL – You can bake various cakes sizes, but it’s an equalizer when you interact with many team members
  • FACE TIME – Personal delivery yields coveted discussions – or you can ship a frozen cheesecake to a long-distance client (and they ALWAYS take your call when you check to make sure that it arrived!)
  • NON-THREATENING – Because it is NOT a high dollar value item, teams are able to enjoy the treat without repercussion from compliance
  • BRANDING – Serve the cake with imprinted napkins, ribbons, paper plates, cake cutter and/or cake dishes (a convenience for them and some branding for you). Or, I’ve gotten called back in for follow up appointments with an excuse to pick up the bottom dish!

BTW, I prefer to use low-fat ingredients and folks can take just a TINY sliver if they are calorie-conscious. I also LOVE to customize my cheesecakes to the recipient’s taste: Oreo or chocolate chip cookies, strawberries, heathbar/chocolate chunk and more.

What’s YOUR sweetest tip for showing your clients that you care? Favorite cheesecake recipe? Be safe, and have a SWEET week.

Pat Roque

[email protected]