Ashley DeLuca

The Secret to a 976% Increase in Profile Views

Today we are diving into a common question I receive: How do I update my profile if I don’t really know what I’m looking for?

I’m going to use Annie Leib, who is one of our mastermind members and one of our coaches as an example of a profile you can model after. Since we up-leveled her personal brand, she has been seeking her next role and doing it with ease.

When Annie first came to me, she felt a bit all over the map and not everything was streamlined like it is now. The first thing we started with was a nice clean background picture along with a nice professional picture. Her keywords and headline there are the things that she is going for and what she wants. It also includes where her own personal strategy, her own mission, and the impact that she wants to make.

As you scroll down, you will see where she went to school and how she graduated with her executive MBA. In her about section, we highlighted her Clifton Strengths which show potential employers exactly what she is amazing at. We also focused on sharing that she is a problem solver and a solution, not just a candidate.

You will also see we included a virtual coffee link at the bottom which is tied to her calendar and scheduler. Anyone who views her profile can schedule a time to chat with her. Everything within her profile is strategically placed in order to rank her high for the SEO search terms she desired. Since doing this, her views on her profile have increased to 976%.

The secret? It’s always about understanding what the other person is looking for. Who’s waiting for you on the other side, who are you helping and serving with what you do?

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