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build enterprise-wide ecosystems that drive growth and allow diverse Employee Resource Groups to shine with maximum impact.

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innovate a strengths-based approach to drive employee attraction, engagement, satisfaction, and retention for a true sense of belonging.

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clarify priorities, step into their power and contribute their best with the fulfillment, recognition, and rewards they crave & deserve.

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“In just a short, 20-minute conversation with Pat, I left with a sense of purpose and drive ready to make big things happen.”

Justin Coecliff
MBA, VP, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

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The Future of Interviews in 2020 (and what you need to know!)

We know that unemployment is soaring, and I promise that if you decide to let that stop you, you will be right. However, if you decide to step up and shine the light and stay active, there is a super active job market happening right now.


Why You Need To Pivot Your Career (and 3 things to consider before doing so!)

Today I’m sharing with you 3 tips as to why you need to pivot your career and, perhaps most importantly, the things you should consider before doing so. Why is this important?


Gallup Relationship Building is #1 Job Skill Needed in the New Workforce

Okay guys. So this is Pat Roque the Rock Star Career Transformation Coach. And I wanted to share something really cool. If you know me by now, you probably know I’m a big fan of the Gallup organization.

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