Go from Rock Bottom to Rock Solid and Lead Your Team with Confidence

Even the most successful business coaches and leaders secretly crave more career satisfaction and happiness. When it’s time to pivot, you want to pursue your passion and get paid well to do what you love, without the overwhelm.

When you’re trying to juggle the demands of a busy career, shifting family dynamics, and the changes of life (hello, hormones!), it’s no wonder you feel the internal struggle of overwhelm and lack of fulfillment.


What would it mean to you to…

  • Find clarity, focus and ease for your career?
  • Stop beating yourself up about where you should be by now?
  • Carve “me time” to do the things you enjoy- like having a nice glass of vino on the beach?
  • Reconnect with your family?
  • Put yourself first and say yes to you!

Pat can help you rock your transformation and embrace the next chapter of your life.

You deserve that!

A virtual coffee with Pat will rock your socks and change your life FOREVER

Now is the time map out a smart course of action that will feed your soul and make the journey much more fun.

Rock it Now!

Pat Roque serves as a top-recommended coach, mastermind leader, and global speaker who empowers go-givers to rock their strength and monetize their genius. She has 30 years of award-winning marketing success, landing  heavyweight results since 1988 working with Nobel Prize winners, Fortune 500 leaders, celebrities, and high-impact entrepreneurs. Brands like KPMG, Konica Minolta, Novartis, The PGA Tour, Infiniti, WebMD, and numerous Universities have come to Pat for her expert marketing and keynote speaker experience. Using golf as a business and personal development strategy has been a passion project for Pat, who’s delivered big ideas and growth strategies for major brands in the golf industry.

Pat’s a Jersey Girl at heart, born into what she calls the Italian version of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” She’s loving her laptop life and carving more time to spend at her Myrtle Beach seaside condo. She’s been married to her favorite golf partner, hubby Alex, for over 25 years. While their 2 kids are away at college, Pat keeps busy with her career, volunteering with her golfing friends and walking her rescue puppy, Bella.

Pat’s taken her box of 50 ROCKS to transform careers and lives through the Rock On Success Coaching System and Mastermind Program. When business leaders work with Pat, a total mindset shift happens. People go from the lack mentality to a gratitude mentality, where they find confidence, see opportunity in a new way, and feel empowered to make a positive and powerful impact on the world.

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