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Career Transformation Coach

There’s a reason Pat is called, “The Rock Star Transformation Coach”

Not all coaches are the same. Nor are their results. Pat is uniquely qualified to transform your career and your life because the step-by-step process she uses is the same one she developed to change and rock her own life.

Pat uses video conferencing, which allows her to share documents and other work examples during your one-on-one coaching sessions. Face-to-face conversations have been shown to foster added trust and openness, unlike the telephone sessions that are typical with many other coaches.

Pat’s success as a much sought-after coach is proof that her 90-Day Rock Your Strength Program works. Her clients report having gained confidence, improved leadership effectiveness, enhanced relationships, and more. That’s because Pat teaches her clients how to channel the genius within themselves and their teams.

Pat is also a top recommended coach on LinkedIn ProFinder for career, leadership, executive training and public speaking. She has dozens of people reach out to her daily to discover their next best moves.

If you’re ready to rock your career and your life, let Pat help you do just that without selling your soul or losing your mind.

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