The Fastest Way to Achieve Rockstar Status

Do you know what Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Tony Robbins, and Napoleon Hill all have in common that contributed to their success? They have all been part of a mastermind. Napoleon Hill theorized, in The Law of Success and later Think and Grow Rich, that when two brilliant minds got together, a third “master mind” resulted as the combined force of the alliance. The “mastermind became the leading catalyst for success for driven entrepreneurs.

For high-achieving go-givers who aren’t afraid to go big, this is the best program you could ever have for your business (and your life). Our intimate Mastermind group allows you to have it all- 1:1 coaching sessions, an online small group setting with other ambitious go-givers, and a treasure chest of resources to take your business to new heights.

What is the Rock On Success Mastermind?

For go-givers who are ready to ramp up to the next level, the Rock On Success Mastermind is our sacred space to think out loud and brainstorm with our Personal Advisory Council. It’s a small invitation-only group. In fact, we all sign confidentiality agreements to participate. Together, we work through real-life and career challenges, create opportunities, and help each other grow smarter, faster. It’s truly an amazing, game-changing process.

Tribe members say it’s “part business strategy, sales training, mindset work, confidence building, accountability, and group therapy all rolled into one!”


Success Story

Pat Roque is one of the most motivated, energetic, and ambitious professionals I've come to know. She's fearless without being careless. She's an electric force capable of finesse. She's personable and still entirely professional. 

These aren't words I use lightly. They reflect my genuine observations of a woman who has that rare and enviable ability to identify and attract relevant opportunity pretty much anywhere-- often selflessly and for the benefit of those around her. 

The worst thing about Pat: She's in great demand. The best? If you need her she won't hesitate to give you her full attention.

Sean Kelly - Director of Linked Golfers LLC


Join the Mastermind

Pat Roque and the Rock on Success Mastermind offers you the best of both worlds: in addition to your 1:1 coaching sessions, you’ll enjoy an exclusive forum for shared learning in an online group setting. This is the perfect home for high achievers just like you!

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